If you have been listening to the Skype buzz lately you have heard that Skype and Verizon Wireless have announced a new partnership. This new partnership allows Verizon to be the exclusive provider of Skype calls over their 3G wireless network. Up until this point, there hasn't been much out there in terms of support for this, but demand has been strong!

Windows Mobile OS platform phones have had a Skype Lite app that allowed Skype users to place Skype to Skype calls as well as land line calls over their Windows Mobile smartphones with data plans. iPhone users have been begging for this ability for quite a while but will they get it?

Skype just announced today that they will be discontinuing support for the Windows Mobile platform. We can only speculate but I would say an announcement for the iPhone is coming soon too. It sounds like big red has managed to secure a tighter relationship that we thought. This might mean that only VZW phones will have access to what could be a game changer... VOIP on our cell phones.