Can Windows 7 Phones Compete?

Posted by Dan Ponjican | 4:21 PM | | 0 comments »

You can say that it has been the decade of smart phones. The past 3 years have been absolutely revolutionary in terms of smart phone technology and capability. Today we have heavy competitors that deliver amazing functionality and performance from Apple (iPhone), Palm, Nokia (Symbian), RIM (Blackberry) and the newest to the field that is pushing the envelope even further... Google (Android OS). Notice one missing? You guessed it, the company that arguably started the smart phone business is hardly a serious competitor anymore... Microsoft with their Windows Mobile platform.

Microsoft’s newest available release of Windows Mobile (now called Windows Phone) is 6.5 and still looks, feels and operates like Windows XP crammed into the lightweight hardware of smart phones. Performance aside (which is terrible), the user interface is not designed properly for what most smart phones users like to user as the primary interface… touch. Windows Mobile 6.5 phones were really designed to be used with a stylus.

Well Microsoft isn’t a company known to roll over and play dead. Enter Windows 7 Series phones. Microsoft announced this OS build and hardware just a few weeks ago. I must say, it looks great! I am impressed. Here’s the problem, it is too late. It would have been too late if Steve Balmer was handing out released, ready for production handsets to press member at the mobile conference in Spain but no. The official release date for this device and OS is holidays 2010. Any “cutting edge” features included in this new Windows Mobile release would easily be swallowed up by the rabid pace of development and version/build release of Android and even Apples iPhone OS.