Today's web content is filled with rich, dynamic material from RSS feeds, to Flash content to embedded video.  Embedded video is one of the fastest growing segments on the internet.  There are few better ways to enhance your web content than with high-quality embedded video on your pages.

Traditionally, video content was reserved for entertainment niche sites.  Business intranet pages and blogs rarely utilized this powerful tool to communicate their message.  High costs of dedicated hardware and high bandwidth requirements made video content a long shot call for IT managers.  These "show stopping" issues of yester-year are long gone with innovative services like that of offered by Viddler's video hosting for businessVideo for small business with Viddler offers a solution for business web content managers to include rich, high quality video content without the high costs of dedicated video hosting systems.

Industry experts like those at CNet Tech News report that small business sites with embedded video content utilized to communicate their message report over 80% higher conversion rates on web pages. Today with high speed, high bandwidth internet access so readily available (take a look at the fresh wave of Android "super phones" just released) it just plain makes sense to start using embedded video to compliment your web content.