SMS Texting Without a Phone

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"Last month my teenage daughter managed to text over 5,000 times!" Ever hear that one before?  Talk to any parent of a teenage kid or a husband of a chatty wife and you've all heard the story.  Some people SMS text a LOT!  It is quickly becoming the primary method of instant communication in the current generation.  At the very least it is becoming a integral part of the way the youth generation uses cellular technology.  Well at least it used to be only cellular technology.

Enter web texting.  We are seeing more and more solutions to allow users to SMS text over the internet using a standard web browser.  Case in point, Text4FreeOnline Free SMS Text Message 2Way. provides free real time 2 way SMS messaging. Send SMS and MMS pictures from your phone for free. See Text Responses in real time, just like a chat application. No Phone, No SMS Credits, No Problem.

We think this is a clever idea and a great program.  This could really save many users some money.  Especially the users who sit in front of a computer and use their phones to SMS text.