Fujifilm Z200FD

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This new camera offers a few new features not seen on most cameras in this price range. One thing that sets this camera apart from others is its ability to take group shots (up to 4 people) without the need for anyone to hit a timer. The camera automatically detects the amount of faces it needs before taking the shot, and sets off a short timer before taking a picture. This allows you to avoid the awkward timer set / run over to the shot, which usually leads to the person running over not being in the frame. This feature actually works well, even better than expected. Additionally it takes “couple” pictures slightly differently, measuring how close the faces are to each other before taking a shot.

The camera is small, not as small as other super mini cameras, but at 0.8” thick it’s still not taking up much space. It comes in 4 color schemes; red/black, full black, pink, and silver. The sliding cover for the lens and flash is fun in concept, but moving diagonally rather than up/down or side to side makes it more awkward than fun.

For a basic small point and shoot camera the specs are fairly impressive. It’s a 10 megapixel camera, with image stabilization, and 5x optical zoom. However, the quality of pictures it takes is very lacking. Outdoor shots are clear, even though the image stabilization doesn’t work quite as well as other cameras. Indoor, or low light shots however the pictures end up fuzzy and faded, mostly because the flash blows the quality quite a bit. This really throws it off, because image quality is one of the most important things you need from a camera.

It normally goes for $300, but can be found for $270 online.

Rating 3/5