Sony's E Reader

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Sony's new E-Reader is a lightweight, very slim device will hold and display books for you to read. The case is made of an aluminum-like material, and feels very nice to hold for what could be hours. At only 0.3 inches thick it is much smaller than any book you would carry around and most likely weighs less than a paperback. It comes with a leather cover adding a nice touch of style.

It features E-ink display which makes it very easy to read (similarly to a real book) and is touted to be better for your eyes than a computer screen. However there is no backlight so you're stuck reading with some sort of light on.

Book titles are purchased on your computer and transferred to your E-Reader via USB cable. Titles are easy to search for and the device syncs the books you buy similar to an iPod does with iTunes. Sony has 20,000 titles to choose from, but you can find an additional 170,000 on Amazon.

The downsides are that there is a noticeable lag when navigating menus. Also the price… $270 may seem a little steep when you factor in also that books can cost up to $20 themselves.

It's a very nice gadget though, if you have the money.

Rating: 4/5