The New LG Dare

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First impressions say that this is LG's attempt to compete with the iPhone, and that is basically what it is. The major differences are that rather than Apple's software, you get the familiar VCast features. The Dare is also a little lighter (3.76oz. vs. 4.7oz) than the iPhone, and a little smaller (4.1"H x 2.2"W vs. 4.5"H x 2.4"W).

It comes with a 3 inch touchscreen that will recognize handwriting, but it doesn't come with a stylus so you will have to use your finger. The screen is a little smaller than iPhone, but that's expected on a smaller phone. It does however take up nearly the entire phone, and yet there are still call buttons for you to use. Since this is the phone's main feature you would expect it to perform as well or better than Apple, but sadly it does not. If you have never experienced iPhone's touchscreen you would think that it works fine, and it is by far than any LG out there to date, but they simply can't compare to Apple's streamless, easy to use touchscreen.

The LG Dare does come with Stereo Bluetooth, and allows you to access full html web browsing, but it lacks the applications that come with the iPhone.

The camera on the LG Dare is a 3.2 mexapixel that can also record digital movies at 640x480 resolution. It also comes with a LED flash that does work quite nicely (although it will make your pictures a bit blueish), which makes it considerably better than iPhone's 2 mexapixel camera without flash.

The battery on the Dare will last about 360 hours on standby, and 280 minutes while talking. The iPhone surprisingly lasts longer while making calls, or listening to music, but does not last as long on standby.

The LG Dare will run you $199 with a contract.

Final opinion, if you want better call quality and a more reliable network the LG Dare is the superior phone, but the iPhone delivers a totally different experience that seems more of a lifestyle with its Apps.