Microsoft is going to feature a touch interface with it's next major release of Windows. This was demonstrated in the Windows 7 demo at the D6 conference on May 27. Microsoft is pushing this new "multi-touch" interface as the new way to interact with computers not only on the desktop, but in portable computers and even entertainment centers, appliance PCs and more.

A Micro soft spokes person is quoted in saying,

"During Bill Gates’ and Steve Ballmer’s keynote this evening, Julie Larson-Green, Corporate Vice President, Windows Experience Program Management, will take the stage to demo a new feature for the Windows platform: multi-touch. This feature will be available in the next version of Windows, Windows 7."
A new post on the Windows Team blog added this:
“Touch is quickly becoming a common way of directly interacting with software and devices. Touch - enabled surfaces are popping up everywhere including laptop touch pads, cell phones, remote controls, GPS devices, and more. What becomes even more compelling is when this experience is delivered to the PC –on a wide variety of Windows notebooks, in all-in-one PC’s, as well as in external monitors. In working with our broad ecosystem of hardware and software manufactures, we’re excited to be showing some of the great work and investments we are working on in Windows 7.”
A video of this Windows 7 multi-touch functionality is now available via the Vista team blog.

After using my new HTC Touch XV6900 for two weeks now with the new Windows Mobile 6 software, I can say that I am looking forward to this style of input and user interaction gaining traction in all other computing platforms. Anyone who has used an iPhone or any other intuitive touch interface device will agree!