Apple iPhone Review

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There has not been so much hoopla surrounding an invention since perhaps the introduction of sliced bread, but the Apple iPhone managed to surpass that. Released in 2007, the iPhone promised to be the best multimedia cell phone ever. And with an initial price tag of around $600, well, it had better be. Fast forward approximately a year and numerous updates later, and the Apple iPhone is actually starting to live up to the all the hype.

Apple is known for producing excellent computers and one of the best music players – the iPod – on the market today. It only makes sense that they would eventually attempt to merge the technologies into a new better product on cutting edge of technology, which is what Apple is known for. So of course, there was an outpouring of excitement with the release of the iPhone. The question that begs an answer, though, is if the iPhone is really worth all the excitement surrounding. After a review of the iPhone, the short answer is probably yes.

At first look, the iPhone sports a nice sleek design in high gloss classy black. As far as size is concerned, the Apple iPhone, it is approximately the same size as the 30 GB iPod, though a bit longer and narrower. The thickness and weight of the iPhone are about the same as the iPod also.

As far as it being “the best iPod we’ve ever made”, Steve Jobs was absolutely correct in his assertion. However, the part about the iPhone being a great cell phone that provides “the Internet in your pocket” – well, that part needs a bit of tweaking.

As an iPod, the iPhone is probably better than any other music player that Apple has released to date. There is no scroll wheel like the ones on the iPod, but is doubtful you will even miss it with the impressive touch technology of the iPhone. It may initially take of bit of greeting used to, but once you have it, you wonder why all iPods do not have this technology.

Viewing videos on the iPhone is an impressive experience – they look even better than they do on the 30 GB iPod, which is a feat within itself. Videos are viewed through a YouTube-like interface, which is pretty cool.

As a phone, the iPhone is not the greatest cell phone on the planet – the call quality is okay. Consider that this is Apple’s first attempt at a cell phone, though, and you realize that they have done pretty well. As more and more upgrades are released, the phone continues to improve. Those who love text messaging will enjoy the iPhone’s SMS client. Text conversations are collected into colored speech bubbles, which makes it easy to differentiate between responses.

As a smartphone, the iPhone does okay, and it will perform even better now that the developer’s kit has been released. Expect many wonderful applications from developers for the iPhone in the near future. However, inputting information is a little cumbersome with the touch keyboard – the autocorrect feature helps.

Accessing the Internet on the iPhone is either via WiFi or the EDGE network. The integrated Safari browser makes viewing the web a nice experience. Pages load pretty quickly and tables and CSS are rendered close to how they are on a desktop.

The iPhone has enormous potential and will likely become exactly what Apple has said – an all-n-one device that makes it unnecessary to lug around a case full of electronic devices. If the history of Apple’s other time tested devices is any indication, you can expect great things from the iPhone in the future.


  1. believer1984 // June 5, 2008 at 3:46 PM  

    Iphone is a very inspiring phone but with tech moving at a fast pace the iphone is leaving us. Htc touch diamond is amongst us :). Iphone need the 3g one to come out with a better cam !