I recently purchased a Gary Fong Lightsphere for about $50 after reading a lot of hype about it on various photography message boards. I needed a good universal flash diffuser for my 580 EXII anyway so I went ahead and bought one. When it came in I was amazed at how simple this device was. It’s essentially a rubberized bowl with a plastic lid (optional) for extra diffusing. My first reaction was, “I bet there are imitations all over eBay for these!” Sure enough, eBay is filled with low-cost replicas.

As your tech review source, I decided it was my duty to get one of these and compare. I will be posting up a full review with sample pictures but let me give you the short. Nothing earth shattering here. The eBay clones are exact copies of this very simple device and so the resultant performance is identical. My advice, save yourself $40+ and get one of these sub $10 copies.


The one I picked up even came with an extra amber dome for added warmth effect. Can’t beat that!