With everything pretty much in place, we now can install the power supply. We choose a Linkworld LPG2-43-P4-IO ATX12V 630W Power Supply.

We now connected all the cables (SATA, IDE, power, etc.).

We then installed our ATI SAPPHIRE 100195L Radeon X1650 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 Video Card. This card was picked as a budget card. At only $52.99 we felt it would be a good baseline card to use before we can get our hands on a good DirectX 10 card to use the Vista Aero interface.

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Once everything was connected, we closed up the case and mounted the external CPU cooler speed control to the side of the case routing the cable out the back through a bus port.

We're done!

Notice we had to move our second optical drive down one bay to accommodate a shorter IDE ribbon cable.

There'll be a whole lot more than "Intel Inside" that will be contributing to this workstation's performance!

The Cooler Master case has a couple USB ports and an IEEE 1384 port which we cannot use because this motherboard does not have a hookup for it.

Continued... Part 5 (Testing)