Once the GIGABYTE motherboard was installed, I moved on to installing the drives. I purchased a Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD2500KS 250GB 7200 RPM with 16MB of cache. It has a transfer rate of 3.0GB/second and should be a solid choice for this build.

The Cooler Master Centurion case has quick release drive mounts. This is a great feature that saves you from having to use the very cumbersome screw mounts for drives. The slide-lock secured the drives in to place without and tools!

In order to mount the CD burner drive and the DVD burner drive that we scanvanged from an older build, we need to remove the front face of the Cooler Master case. This is a press fit so just use a flat tool to pry it off.

Once you have the face off, you can break off as many panels as you need to install your 5.25" drives.

We then slid the drives into place... (note: you need to re-install the front case face before sliding the drives in to place.

Before re-installing the front case face, we removed the metal mesh for the two 5.25" drive bays we are using. The come off with two screws each.

You are now ready to slide the drive(s) into place.

As previously mentioned, the drives lock into place by sliding the locker forward...

...and then locking it into place by pushing the tab down.

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