The next step was to prepare the case. I am using a Coolermaster case. Basically, it is an good solid case that doesn't break the bank. Build quality was impressive on this model. I liked the side duct that aligned with the CPU cooler that directs heat out of the case rather than dissipating it within the case.

I removed the cable plate as I noticed that the one supplied with the GIGABYTE motherboard was slightly different than the one supplied with the case. This just pops out.

The new plate pressing in to place.

With the new plate in place, you can see the difference in placements.

Next the motherboard was test fitted with special attention paid to which mounting holes should be used. The hole were identified so that we can install mounting posts.

Mounting posts were installed in each hole that aligned with the motherboard mounting holes.

The motherboard was then secured in to the case with the supplied screws.

Don't Be A Dork... Shop At The Geeks!

We choose Corsair XMS2 memory. This is DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) memory and is supposed to be very reliable for overclocking applications.

The two 1GB chips were in stalled in bays 1 and 3.

Continued... Part 3